Gratitude. A fine Thanksgiving dinner this afterno…

Gratitude. A fine Thanksgiving dinner this afternoon: turkey, gravy, oven-baked stuffing, green beans, mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, dinner rolls, relishes, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, and pecan pie. It was just the immediate family this year—my brother Gary was going to come, but came down with the flu on Wednesday and decided not to inflict it upon us (for which we are grateful).

As the food was served, I asked everyone to tell us what they were most thankful for over the past year. For Maggie, it was the formation of Draught Horse Press, since it not only keeps me at home but gives the entire family an opportunity to participate in earning the family living. Matthew was thankful for his dujo, and for all the music that has come into the house this year. Chris was thankful for his new baby sister Elizabeth. Debbie was thankful for Elizabeth—fair enough, she’s worth naming twice—and that our family is growing once more. I am thankful that we have become a part of the St. Peter community, which if you think about it is the basis of most everything we’re grateful for.


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