Road Trip. We'd been wanting to get another look a…

Road Trip. We’d been wanting to get another look at the building where we’ll be holding our feast in two weeks, so Monday morning we piled everyone into the Suburban and drove out to Natural Tunnel State Park. This fall has been especially pleasant, and the driving was cool and sunny, with lots of fall colors to enjoy along the way.

I’m happy we have the Suburban, although I doubt that I’ll ever be fond of it. For someone who has been spoiled by many years of driving small, nimble, and quiet Japanese cars, it is enormous, unwieldy, and loud. Very loud; there’s a low-frequency rumble from the engine that would probably drive me nuts during a long day’s drive. But it is also powerful, comfortable, and spacious, which makes it just the vehicle we need right now.

Oh, it also stinks. The previous owners were smokers, and after a major round of rug-shampooing and surface scrubbing the smell is now barely tolerable. We’re not sure what else can be done at this point.


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