Return of the King

Last year it occurred to me that opening day would be a very good day to see The Two Towers, since it was midweek and school was still in session. Sure enough, the theater was only half-full for the noontime showing. I went to the first showing of Return of the King yesterday, and there were even fewer people this time.

When I’m outside the Southwest and eat at a Mexican restaurant, I don’t judge the meal for its authenticity. I’m only concerned that it is good food, and quite often it is. My attitude towards the Lord of the Rings trilogy is the same; I don’t care whether the movies are good or bad adaptations of the book, I only care if they are good movies. And I think they’ve all been pretty good movies. This last one has some of the most spectacular and imaginative sequences I’ve ever seen.

I’m glad the trilogy is done, though. Going to the movies once a year for the past three years has been grueling, and I’m looking forward to a long break.

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