Preparing for a busy month

We just returned from visiting friends in Arkansas. Chris took his banjo and borrowed a guitar, so we were able to do a few songs for them. I didn’t take my bass, and as we played we found out how much the bass contributed to keeping our tempo steady–we both felt out of control. It’s something we probably need to work on.

We’re gearing up for a month which will keep us pretty busy. On December 3 we’ll be playing three fifty-minute sets at Java J’s, a coffee shop in Abingdon. That means we’ll be performing around thirty songs, three times as much as we’ve done at any one time. So between now and then our practice schedule is heavy.

Following that we’ll be playing a fifty-minute set at Exchange Place on December 5, as part of their Christmas program. Then on December 9 we’ll join Ron Short’s old time string band class at the Pickin’ Porch, backing them up on a number of tunes and also playing songs while the class retunes. On December 17 we’ll be doing a few Christmas songs at an Appalshop celebration. And we’re tentatively performing at an Appalshop fundraiser around the same time.

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