Garden diary

It’s about time to post another round of photos, but I haven’t taken them yet. Some of the early crops are done (peas, lettuce), and the plants are pulled to make room for later stuff. I asked Jerome what he recommended to fill the trellises that the peas had occupied, and he said “More beans!” We probably have enough for our own needs, but we decided to plant a bunch more white half-runner beans and maybe try to sell some.

Both plots of corn are doing well. The sweet corn is planted in straight rows, meaning that most of the weeding can be done with the wheel hoe. I’ve hand-hoed in between the sweet corn plants once, and discovered to my dismay how delicate they are despite how they look; through sloppiness I managed to take out eight or ten of them. The field corn is stouter, which is a good thing, because planting them in circles of seven means that much more hand hoeing is required; the field corn plot also seems to be weedier ground. But everything is on track—maybe 2/3 of the beans germinated, but those are doing OK, and the acorn and butternut squash we intermingled with them are taking off.

The beans we planted are thriving; our main chore is to keep the runners on the trellises and out of the paths. Once they get above our heads I won’t be surprised if they reach out to each other and form tunnels. Tomatoes are healthy and beginning to bear fruit, the sweet potatoes are starting to send out vines, zucchini and yellow squash are well established, onions are close to being ready, celery and parsley are holding their own. Some of the potato vines are beginning to die back, so we may be harvesting them pretty soon.

As we watch our garden grow we’re thinking about what to plant in quantity next year. Definitely garlic. Maybe strawberries, since we enjoyed the ones we picked at Martin’s so much. Possibly a wide variety of chili peppers, since that is something that has always interested us.

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