Garden photos (1)

Here we go with photos of the garden as of this afternoon. There are quite a few, so I’m breaking this into three posts, and as usual putting the photos after the jump.

You can see that our beans are doing very well. So far we’ve planted mostly white half-runner beans, along with some Kentucky Wonders and some greasy beans. We’re looking forward to making “leather britches” this fall by threading string through some of the beans, then hanging them up to dry.

The beans are so thick here that we’re worried they might send runners over the top and form tunnels. Not that it wouldn’t be kind of cool, but it would probably make it a pain to pick the beans.

The squash plants are huge, as squash plants tend to be. We’re just starting to pick some yellow squash and zucchinis; had some for supper tonight, in fact, stir fried. We’re starting to appreciate them more, as the heat begins to kill our appetite for heavy, greasy things.

The zucchini were just picked, but you can see that more are coming on.

Same with the yellow squash.

The cucumbers are doing well, and Debbie just picked the first two. But you can see that not every plant in the garden is thriving. I don’t know why this one cucumber plant had trouble; the others in the row didn’t.

This is celery, unless it is parsley (we’re still learning to tell the difference).

We’re looking forward to garden fresh tomatoes in a couple of weeks.

You can see that the tomato plants are prolific.

We have a couple of plantings of onions, done a couple of weeks apart. These will be ready a bit later.

These onions are nearly ready to pick.

Jerome gave us some cherry tomato plants; at least that’s what he said they were …

But these are the strangest shaped cherry tomatoes we’ve ever seen.

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