Garden photos (3)

The final group of photos of today’s garden.

We’ll have a lot of sweet potatoes. Because of the mulch, the weeding here is easy if we just keep after it.

Some of the sweet potato plants looked spindly and sickly after we first planted them, but they all seem pretty healthy now.

I learned to despise this weed, since it sprouts from a long, stick-like root that is hard to dig out. Turns out that it is a wild black raspberry (or blackberry?) plant, and that the garden area was thick with them when we tilled it under. But we have no regrets—there are plenty more around the property.

I should have gotten a close up here; some of the bell peppers on these plants are already pretty big.

Carrots are a whole different enterprise. They grow so slowly that the area can easily be overgrown by weeds, and you really need to weed by hand to do a proper job.

Debbie and the kids have done some hard work to get this bed as weed-free as it is.

Here’s the second bed of carrots we planted, which hasn’t been weeded much at all, as you can see.

The larger plants here are radishes (well, OK, some of them are weeds) which we use to mark the rows that have been planted; the radishes grow much more quickly than the carrots, and so they help you distinguish tiny little carrot growth from weeds.

The potato patch is still doing great.

One problem with the patch is that you don’t really want to venture into it, for fear of tromping on potatoes. I’ve weeded extensively around the edges, and the mulch has mostly kept the weeds inside the patch to a minimum, but I just today noticed this weed standing proud and tall in the very middle.

The vines are starting to die off. Jerome says that it will probably be mid-August before they completely die off, at which point we will harvest.

This photo is just to show how Chris has to keep the area around the garden mowed down. The higher growth at the border was just cut about a month ago when he began to mow the eight acre field; he is nearly done with that job now, just in time to start over again.

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