We are trapped inside the house, due to the annual swarming of Asian ladybeetles. Well, not exactly trapped. The older kids and I spent the afternoon planting more garlic down in the garden, where the ladybeetles are mostly absent. And I sat on the porch this morning popping garlic cloves (and brushing ladybeetles away). But it is a beautiful day today, warm and clear, perfect for porch-sitting. Except for those ladybeetles covering everything. So maybe that qualifies as trapped.

Plenty of ladybeetles have found their way inside as well. Right now I hear the sound of the vacuum, as Chris once again makes the rounds of the house sucking up beetles from the walls and ceilings.


5 thoughts on “Infestation

  1. The deluge of Asian lady bugs began here just yesterday.

    By the way, I NEVER see them during the growing season. Another government agricultural debacle?

  2. A couple years ago they were a plague here in Kansas. I was trying to build my children a tree house and was driven from my yard into the house from their vicious biting. (I assume you are talking about the lady-bug imposter)
    I was hoping they were a thing of the past.

  3. Justin,

    The lady beetle to which Rick referred is not really an imposter but an Asian variety. Read the FAQ on the link he provided.

    We have had them every year for the last 5-7 years here in KY.

    I simply question whether they are beneficial as I only see the native variety during the growing season. (There is concern that they will displace the native beneficial variety). I really wonder where these Asian beetles are during the summer. I ONLY see them on warm sunny days in October and in my attic in the winter.

  4. We moved into an old home in June. I noticed some lady beetles scattered around both alive and dead. We had had the interior painted and caroeted so everything was pretty clean.

    On Friday, 11/10/06, I had a major problem with breathing and had to go to the emergency room. I think exposure to the lady beetles has something to do with it. I had never heard of lady beetle infestation. We live in the Oak Park neighborhood of Sacramento, California.

    Do you have any information on allergic reations?

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