As many other bloggers have said, it’s an unqualified blessing to live in a land where it is quite possible to lead a quiet life, mind one’s own business, and work with one’s hands, thereby earning the respect of outsiders and not being dependent on anybody. There are many places around the world where this is difficult, sometimes impossible.

At the same time, such a life is only possible, not guaranteed. Regardless of what the written laws say, the authorities tend to do what they think best, as do the judges, and if their assessment doesn’t coincide with yours then you are likely to suffer at their hands.

I first read about Gary Oaks in the Wise Tradtions newsletter from the Weston A. Price Foundation. Now I see that our friend David Gumpert has written about Oaks in his most recent Business Week column. I won’t summarize, please just take a few minutes to read through the column, and then give thanks that you haven’t suffered similar abuse at the hands of the government.


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