Website work

I mentioned in a recent post that I buckled down and learned the basics of Cascading Style Sheets, a technology that makes it easier to design web pages sensibly. I’ll be using this new knowledge soon, on three projects.

The first is the redesign of the Cumberland Books website, which should be done in a few days; for the casual website user the changes will be subtle, but as I go through the website re-implementing the design I am quite pleased at how much simpler and cleaner the new web pages are. The second is a website that will be a repository of agrarian information, which probably won’t go public for another couple of months.

The third project has already gone public on a small scale, a couple of weeks back. It is a website about the Old Regular Baptists, a denomination about which there is precious little to be found on the internet. Normally I wouldn’t have published it in such rough form, but friends and friends of friends were clamoring for me to make parts of it available, so I went ahead.

You’ll find a link on the home page to a weblog where I post weekly recordings of the services at Blessed Hope Old Regular Baptist Church, the church we are currently attending. Everyone ought to check out at least some of the singing. For those of you who are up to it, go ahead and check out some of the sermons; the style is striking, and both Roger Murrell and Mike Slone can preach with an intensity that will blister paint.

(For the technically curious: the design of the ORB website was taken with minor modifications from a set of CSS templates that are freely available. But that doesn’t mean that it is hard to write CSS from scratch; I’m doing that with the Cumberland Books website, and it is straightforward. As to the agrarian site, I haven’t decided yet whether to borrow a set of templates, build my own from scratch, or something in between.)


3 thoughts on “Website work

  1. I fought my way through learning very simple CSS a few years ago — not much more than text styles. I’d love to learn more, but I just hate learning technical stuff from books and tutorials. I want a real, live person to teach me.

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