Changes to the online store

First we dropped our prices. Then we added an inexpensive shipping option, USPS Media Mail. Today we’ve decided to stop shipping via UPS; all online orders will ship via USPS Media Mail, with Priority Mail an option for phoned-in orders. In the near future we will be stop charging credit cards ourselves, instead asking our online customers to pay via Google Checkout and our phone and mail customers to pay in advance with a check or money order.

I was going to write a more detailed post explaining the reasons for these latest changes, but as I thought about it I decided that it would be more helpful to write a series of posts about our experiences with the store and how they have shaped our thinking about doing business. Look for that series to begin soon.

Comments and suggestions about how we do business are always welcome.


2 thoughts on “Changes to the online store

  1. Patti,

    Until just a few days ago I didn’t realize how far PayPal had evolved since I first heard of it many years ago. Google Checkout is very much the same idea as PayPal.

    We will probably go with Google Checkout because the fees are lower (PayPal is about 50% more), which makes a big difference to us now that our margin is so small. I’ll be writing about this when I write the series about the bookstore.

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