Herrick Kimball suggested that the online Christian agrarian community put together a cookbook. To make collaboration easier, I’ve set up a cookbook wiki.

For anyone with a web browser adding to a wiki is a fairly straightforward process. Please go ahead and give it a try; there’s really not much you can do to mess things up.


5 thoughts on “Cookbook

  1. Hi Rick,

    Very nice. I like the title you’ve given it. Thank you for making this happen. I look forward to seeing what develops. And, even though I don’t do much cooking, I’ll have to think of a recipe or two to contribute.

  2. How does a Christian agrarian cookbook differ from the million others out there??? p.s. I dont’ think I have ever seen a recipe for fried eggs :):)

  3. I don’t have many recipes that are truly my own, but I’ve had lots of fun experimenting with Deborah Madison’s *Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone* with my farmers’ market finds and co-op veggies. When you’re new to the local produce phenomenon, it’s nice to have a place to go where they explain what the spirally, bright yellow-green cauliflower is (for example). And her recipes are relatively simple. I’m just not sure I should add any to a wiki, especially as part of the value of the book is the information about the vegetables and her recommendations of which of her sauces go with which vegetables.

    I’ll keep checking out the wiki, though.

  4. DHM,

    I think you clicked the “Discussion” tab instead of the “Edit” tab. I found the recipe on the discussion page and moved it to the main page.

    Anyone who is uncomfortable adding to the wiki themselves is welcome to email me their recipes so that I can add them.


    I don’t know if it will differ at all, but it will be interesting to see if a pattern emerges as folks add recipes they think are appropriate. (And I hope I haven’t skewed this by giving the site a name.)

    Although I’ll be offering some family favorites, mostly I plan to add recipes that allow us to lean heavily on the ingredients we raise. Like egg recipes—with our seven laying hens giving us four dozen eggs a week, we often scramble two dozen for a lunch or supper meal.


    I’ve added a page where people can list their favorite cookbooks.

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