Things have been happening quickly around here, and I’ve been slow to post. Until a few weeks ago we thought we would be bringing our cows up to the house for milking, close to the electricity, water, etc. Chris even began building a stanchion underneath the deck. But as the time grew nearer, it looked unlikely that we’d have a good experience walking the cows up the hill to the house and back twice a day, especially in the beginning.

Then when Jimmy Ellis was here to deliver our cattle panels, he had brought his son Wes and a young Amish man, Harvey, along to help him. Wes is trying to get started as a builder, and asked if and when we planned on building a small barn (the existing tobacco barn is pretty much unsuable and needs to come donw). I told him I didn’t know, but he was welcome to put together an estimate for us. He did, and by then it seemed like the better part of valor to just go ahead and have it done, so we agreed.

A week ago Jimmy and Wes and Harvey showed up with the materials, and spent three days putting up a 20 x 30 barn for us, with metal roof and wooden siding. It’ll hold a milking stall and hay and whatever else we can think of in the months to come.

The shiny strip on the left side of the roof is a clear plastic roofing section over the milking area, to let extra light in. And the shorter dark pole between the barn and the utility pole is a meter pole, where we are installing electric service for use in the barn and elsewhere in the field.



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