First photos of Peter

We haven’t yet taken any portrait-quality photos of Peter yet, but for the curious here are a couple that were taken moments after he was born.


7 thoughts on “First photos of Peter

  1. What a Lovely wee little dearie! No matter how many babies I see, I never get tired of looking at them. I bet God doesn’t either.

  2. Rick,
    He is precious! I was watching a show about baby births and with each first cry it reminded me how precious and wonderful that sound is. Having had two children born in critical circumstances I remember waiting with great anticipation for the sound of their cries… and what relief I felt when the wailed with all of their might. Though with Rachel I was unable to hear that sound for two days due to her critical nature, but it brought tears of joy when I did hear it. What a blessing he must be, and how loved he must feel with so many to shower their love upon him.

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