Monday we took down the first of the cured garlic from the barn rafters and began to prepare it for storage/sale. We used scissors to cut off the tops and trim the roots, then peeled away just enough of the outer wrappers to get clean and presentable heads. The Spanish Roja couldn’t have turned out better, large and symmetrical and averaging close to four ounces apiece.

Because the Roja has a reddish clove that often makes the head look, well, a bit dingy, we bought and planted some porcelain garlic to see if it might be more attractive for making garlic braids. It did turn out whiter, but the heads were much smaller, so much so that we won’t be using it for braids and probably won’t plant much if any next year.

On Tuesday we used twenty pounds of our garlic to fill the order for Good Foods in Lexington. It was our first commercial produce sale, and Maggie thought we needed to commemorate the occasion with a photo.


5 thoughts on “Garlic

  1. That’s absolutely beautiful. How satisfying it must be for your children to see profits from good clean labor.

  2. How exciting!

    I love learning from this year’s garden what I want to do next year. It usually makes up for this year’s disappointments.

  3. Rick,
    I am a long time lurker. I wanted to let you know how much your blog has meant to our family over the years. We met you several years ago in VA. We followed your brave move to KY with pleasure. My library list is always full of your suggestions.

    I was just sent a link to The Thinking Blogger Award. I want to pass it on to you. You certainly make a lot of us think. Thank you.

    Kim H

  4. Rick,

    That’s some really nice garlic. We too grow Spanish Roja. It is THE Garlic in my opinion. And my opinion is heavily weighted in the direction of garlic that tastes great RAW…

    If you like Spanish Roja, and you are interesting in taking the whole garlic experience up a notch, try some Killarney Red. Hotter, deeper, and more “garlicky”

    Love the blog.,


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