Adventures in medicine

It has been a disrupted week for us. I will write a longer account once I have some more information, but here is the short version. Over the weekend Peter began eating poorly and sleeping quite a bit. By Tuesday afternoon we were concerned enough to take him to a pediatrician, who after a blood test sent us to Kosair Children’s Hospital in Louisville. Three days and $13,000 later Debbie and Peter are home again, the battery of tests and examinations having turned up nothing more than slight dehydration. For the past couple of days Peter has been awake, alert, and eating enthusiastically; whatever the problem was seems to have passed.


One thought on “Adventures in medicine

  1. So sorry to hear your little one was having difficulties! Wish we would have known you were at Kosair. We live 20 min. outside of Louisville. Two of our children have a liver disease, so Kosair is like a 2nd home to us. We would have come and visited you! I’m very happy to see that Peter seems to have recovered! Hope Debbie is also recovering well… I know how exhausting hospitalizations can be for the mama too!

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