Ron Paul

Not being interested in politics, I’m not interested in Ron Paul as a politician, but I am interested in him as a man of obvious integrity whose line of work is inherently corrupt and corrupting. Christopher Caldwell is a good writer, and he’s written a profile of Ron Paul for the New York Times Magazine.


4 thoughts on “Ron Paul

  1. Yes, Ron Paul is the only candidate who is solidly pro-constitution, pro-freedom, and pro-limited government, and has consistantly held to those views throughout his time as a Congressman.

    He even introduced a bill back a few years now to declare war on Iraq. He wouldn’t vote for his own bill but he introduced it because, Constitutionally, Congress is supposed to declare war instead of letting the President take charge.

  2. Is your belief that the vocation of U.S. Congressman is an inherently corrupt one tied to the contemporary condition of government or do you believe this has always been the case?

  3. Jeff,

    My opinions about politics are worth about what they cost you, but from what I know of U.S. history (and the histories of governments in general) I’d say that it has always been the case.

    But there does seem to be something dramatically different about modern-day political corruption, namely that it is openly acknowledged and even gloried in, both by the politicians and their constituents. At least in earlier times all parties purported to think that politics had a loftier goal than naked self-interest, no matter how they actually behaved. Today our thinking is different, and naked self-interest is considered the loftiest of goals.

  4. I vividly recall an interview that Sen. Warren Rudman gave after he retired from the Senate. When asked why he retired, he replied by describing what he ran into on the issue of balancing the budget. He had called senators, one by one, into his office and would ask them, “What is the worse thing that can happen to you if you do the right thing and vote to really cut spending in order to balance the budget? You lose your next election, and you then get to go home to your family with more free time and enjoy a private law practice making more money than you do as a senator” He said that nearly without exception, the reply was “But as a senator, I am one of the 100 most powerful men in the country.” At that point he concluded that there was no reason whatsoever to continue in that vocation.

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