Simple living

Over two years ago I wrote a series of posts about simple living, which disappeared along with the rest of my archives. After resurrecting most of my old posts, Herrick Kimball asked me if the simple living series had been recovered. Yes, they have. I’ll be reading through them myself and thinking about how well the past two years of reality have matched up with these fairly speculative thoughts; you are welcome to do the same, and to point up any apparent inconsistencies.

Here are links to the posts in the series, in chronological order:

Simple living: in pursuit of the simple life
Simple living: stay home
Simple living: do it yourself

Simple living: avoid mass media
Simple living: avoid busyness
Simple living: avoid efficiency
Simple living: do what you can
Simple living: build a family economy
Simple living: wrestle boredom to the ground
Simple living: cultivate simple tastes
Simple living: do it for the kids
Simple living: think again

Simple living: be skeptical of the benefits of technology
Simple living: beware of chronological snobbery
Simple living: treat causes, not symptoms
Simple living: tend your own garden

Simple living: the ecological nature of life


7 thoughts on “Simple living

  1. Thanks Rick, looks like a good list. Looking forward to sharing this with my friends.

    If you ever get the chance I would love to hear some of your thoughts on introducing my children to music. Father of 3 (5, 4 and almost 3). I play guitar and I would like to pick up some instruments for the kids. I hear fiddle’s are rather sensitive instruments and may not be good for a young child. You must have a lot of good information about when to start the kids, what instruments to start them on, how much to pay and where to look etc…just an idea!

    – Ethan

  2. Thanks Rick. I went straight to the one about avoiding efficiency – my weakness. What mom isn’t trying to be efficient in every area? :-P

  3. Rick, I am really enjoying these, and reading two or three each day. Would you prefer us to comment here, or at the individual article locations?

    Also, we got our books yesterday. Thanks!

  4. Would you prefer us to comment here, or at the individual article locations?


    I have no preference, since new comments are announced in the sidebar, but I suppose future generations of researchers might appreciate it if you comment at the individual article locations.

  5. I am printing these out and placing them in my college binder to look at whenever I have free time between classes. I am an adult returning student and an infant homesteader, and these words are so meaningful and such good reminders of what I am attempting to do with myself and my family. Thank you.


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