Ridgewood Boys at the Carter Family Fold

Well, it seems to be official now. On Sunday, September 23 at 3pm Chris and I will be playing at the Carter Family Fold. This is one of the concerts to support the release of the Music of Coal 2-CD set. We are there primarly to supply backup for Ron Short and others who appear on the CD, but we will also be performing three or four songs from the CD ourselves.

It is quite a treat for us to play at the Carter Fold in any capacity. And this show will be especially special, because Darrell Scott, who has one of the the finest songs on the CD set (“Never Leave Harlan Alive”) has agreed to appear as the headliner. There is also a chance that Darrell’s dad Wayne Scott will appear as well; we’re excited to meet Wayne if that happens, since he lives in London, not too far from here.

Tickets aren’t cheap ($15 in advance, $18 at the door) but it’s for a good cause and should be a great show. We encourage everyone in the area to think about coming.


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