Carter Fold

Well, Chris and I played on the Carter Fold stage yesterday, and if photographs are proof of anything these days you’ll find a couple of them here. The program began with a 50 minute set showcasing some of the performers who appear on the Music of Coal CD. We played backup for those who needed it, and Chris and I stood in for Dwight Yoakam doing his “Miner’s Prayer”. That was followed by a 30 minute set featuring Wayne Scott, and then an hour long set with his son Darrell, who is well-known and well loved in the Bristol area.

Woody Allen taught me that eighty percent of success is showing up. Since then I’ve learned that you can add five percent by showing up on time, five percent by showing up early, and five percent by showing up prepared, so as sidemen we try to do all those things consistently. We were there early and weren’t needed, so we had the time and opportunity to chat for awhile with Wayne Scott when he showed up. Darrell Scott was on a tight schedule, arriving from Charlottesville around 2:30, going on at 4:30 with his dad, ending the show at 6pm, and heading home to Nashville shortly afterwards, so we didn’t have a chance to meet him. But someday, maybe.

The Carter Fold was recently renovated and now seats about 850 people; maybe half the seats were filled for the show. It’s nowhere near as homemade as it used to be, but it is now a very nice performance space, much more comfortable for both the crowd and the musicians. I’m sure that there are folks who lament the changes, and I have no idea how they have affected the week-to-week atmosphere, but I liked it.


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