Raising daughters

We have two, Maggie who is sixteen and Elizabeth who is five, and for many years we’ve pondered and studied on how to raise them. That thinking has led us to certain tentative conclusions about how to proceed, none of which we would insist that others should follow; we’ll continue to keep you posted on our progress, and you can decide for yourself how wise or foolish our thinking was. More important, though, we’ll do what we can to describe for you how we went about thinking through these things, hoping that our experience might provide some guidance for you on how you can tackle the problem yourself.

But while you’re waiting on future installments of our story, you could profit mightily by taking a look at what Lora Keeth has written about how she and her husband Gene raise their own daughters. Reading through her delightful post, it struck me that Lora has said most of what we will likely have to say for ourselves. There’s a lot of practical substance here, none of which I disagree with, much of which taught me something.

Although Lora’s post largely lines up with our own thinking, I sort of wish that we disagreed on a few points, so that I could highlight what I like best about it, namely that it serves as a fine example of how to think through a problem for yourself. Even if I didn’t agree with the conclusions that the Keeths have reached, I could still follow the example they have set for how to lovingly apply yourself to the task of discerning the wisest path to follow, ending up confident that, right or wrong, I had been faithful in my efforts.


5 thoughts on “Raising daughters

  1. Amen! I love Lora’s ability to stand firm and remain flexible. I am definitely learning much from Lora about raising daughters.

  2. Rick & Cindy,
    Thank you for your kind words, they are a great encouragement to me.

    It saddens me that you feel you have done so many of the “not to” things. Is there any way I could be of help, even if it’s just encouragement that you need? I have learned many “how to”s by first doing the “how not to”s.

  3. My daughter, our only child (thus far!), recently turned 19 months-old. Steeling myself for the job took quite some time–and I still have a case of the nerves lying quiescent but alert just under the surface.

    Still, I know that, in the aggregate, my wife’s and my goal is to raise her 1) to fear the Lord and walk in his ways, 2) to be a godly wife and mother (you should see the looks we get when we tell folks we have no intention of sending her to college!), and 3) protect her innocence/ chastity. I take number 3 VERY seriously.

  4. Thank you, Lora, but I think it was just some latent frustration talking. While my husband and I make sure that one of us is with the girls at home (no daycare), I am not the primary parent, so I get some sass and attitude to deal with on the weekends. We’re working on things!

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