Jacques Barzun

In 1992 Mortimer Adler published a book called A Second Look in the Rear View Mirror. It began with words to this effect: “Fifteen years ago, at age seventy-five, I prematurely wrote my autobiography.” He lived another nine years, not quite making it to one hundred.

Now Adler’s good friend Jacques Barzun is himself about to turn one hundred. Here are two good articles about Barzun, one giving a general overview of his life and work, the other a remembrance of studying under him at Columbia.


One thought on “Jacques Barzun

  1. Thanks for the Barzun “cliff notes.” I’d wondering where he fits in academically for years, but he’s subtle and I don’t have time to read him over and over. This gives me a clue where to start.

    I print and take these short articles with me anywhere that requires waiting but at which a book would be too heavy, and they’re always fun to read.

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