Time to go?

One of the contrarian email newsletters I read, the Rude Awakening, caught me by surprise with yesterday’s article, called “Exit U.S.” The article began with this:

One and a half million U.S. households are preparing to move out of the U.S. The vast majority of émigrés are in their 20s, 30s, and 40s. And some may not ever return. […]

This news comes from a Zogby International poll of 115,000 Americans conducted over the past two years. Bob Adams, CEO of New Global Initiatives, commissioned the poll when he realized that no reliable database tracks the movement of Americans out of the country. A recent Barron’s article, written by Bob Adams, breaks down the Zogby/New Global Initiatives data as follows:

· 1.6 million (U.S. households) have already made the decision to leave
· 1.8 million are seriously considering and likely to leave
· 7.7 million are somewhat serious about leaving and may do so
· 3.0 million are seriously considering purchase of non-U.S. property
· 10.0 million are somewhat serious about purchase of non-U.S. property

Adding it all up, some 10% of all U.S. households are looking to leave the country, while another 11% are considering living outside the U.S. at least part time.

The article is preceded by a long preamble from the editor discussing indications that foreign investors are fed up with the plunging dollar and beginning to shift their wealth into non-dollar-denominated assets; you can safely skip it, but I learned a few new things reading it.


6 thoughts on “Time to go?

  1. Of course, the dollar has fallen so much that New Brunswick properties aren’t as good of a deal as they were not too long ago!

  2. Herrick,

    Perhaps we will be able to turn worse into better by growing in our understanding of what is good and what is bad.


    We never thought of leaving the country, but I do remember being mighty intrigued when I learned that there is a large Old Order Mennonite settlement in Belize.

  3. We have some friends and agrarian associates who have moved to Argentina. It would take a direct move of God to get me to leave, but I do understand. When/If the Amerikan economy collapses, it won’t be much better anywhere else, because when this ship sinks it will make a great sucking sound and there will be a mighty undertow. I would love to hear from those who have made the move though, to hear what they think…

  4. With all of Amerika’s problems, and they are considerable, I just can’t see how any other country is better then we are. Sure our urban areas are a mess; with all their socialism, crime and multi-cult blather. But, leaving the economy aside, and ignoring the urban mess, where do we find more real liberty in the world then here? Maybe tiny European states like Andorra, Liechtenstein, Switzerland… but as far as I know, you have to be filthy stinkin’ rich to immigrate to those places. New Zealand? Australia? Canada? The U.K.? Ireland? These places are all MORE socialist and anti-christian then we are. South America? Africa? Don’t make me laugh. Make no mistake people, real, stable civilization does not exist outside of the west. China? Japan? Their civilization, so called, is even more brutal and intolerant of outsiders then we will ever be. Besides, I have no desire to learn any language other then the King’s english. Europe? They are being swallowed whole by muslims and their own failure to reproduce themselves. Not to mention all the multi-cultural diversity lies they’ve swallowed. The Middle East? Be serious. Make no mistake, here in the hinterlands of America, and in our hearts, we know there’s no place like home.

    Furthermore, we belong to a sub-culture (christian home-schoolers) who are millions strong and who are serious about fruitful multiplication. As a group, we have on average twice as many children as our enemies. All we have to do is stay strong, teach our children well, and we will inherit this land in 100 years or less! We’ll breed all the sodomites, feminists, liberals into the oceans! We’ll put THEM on the fringes and margins of our culture, and we’ll be in power, as it should be! But we have to weather the storms in between now and then, and come up with SEPARATE, biblical institutions in the mean time. We have solid families already, and that is half the battle. We need solid higher education including apprenticeships, local government and local economy models as well. Our established governments won’t help us. To a large degree, neither will our churches. Unless, of course, we stay here and be salt and light over generations, gradually reforming both church and state.

    Stand your ground, and act like free men. The work of restoring christian civilization is not hopeless anywhere and least of all here; but I would not quarrel with any who are called by God to live abroad. I am called to stay here; in the land of our fathers. Before you leave us, be sure of your calling! Be sure you’re not consulting your fears and your loathing of what we (The USA) are currently. You could be jumping out of the frying pan, into the fire.

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