Unexpected blessing

I haven’t yet written much about our summer adventure in healthcare with Peter, and it may be I never will, since I still don’t understand enough to say anything intelligent about it. But one thing I can say is that it was very expensive. On paper the costs were about $13,000. Our insurance company immediately discounted that to about $7,000, and paid part of the difference between that and our initial $5000 deductible. We had to pay a few hundred dollars worth of non-hospital charges right away, and arranged to have one $600 bill paid in six monthly installments.

That still left about $4900 due to the hospital. The financial people had encouraged us to apply to their charitable organization to have some or all of that covered. We did, but even though our income is miniscule these days we still have significant savings, and so I didn’t expect that we would qualify. We didn’t. But we did arrange to stretch the payments toward the debt over eighteen months, which helped. So far we’ve made two $300 payments.

After getting back from running some errands yesterday afternoon, Debbie handed me a letter from the hospital. Without giving any reasons, the hospital had written to inform us that their charitable organization had decided to cover the remaining $4300 we owed them.

We’re grateful to the hospital’s charitable organization, and especially to God who saw fit to change their mind about this.


8 thoughts on “Unexpected blessing

  1. That’s great! If there’s one thing I’ve learned about hospitals this fall, it’s that there’s no explaining them. How’s Peter doing?

  2. Laura,

    How’s Peter doing?

    Thriving, I’d say. He’ll be six months old in a few days, and is doing more or less what six-month-olds do. His physical development is a bit slower than normal, but steady, e.g. he has recently developed a good amount of strength in his legs.

  3. I’m so happy they did that. What a great testimony of how God can provide for us and to trust Him to do that, though His provision may not always be so immediate or obvious. I’m happy to hear that little Peter is doing so well, too.

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