Economic collapse in post-Soviet Russia

This is not about Henry Hazlitt’s book, but since Cindy raised the specter of economic collapse I thought it might interest folks to look back at some posts I’ve made which link to stories of what life was like in Russia during the 1990s, the most complete economic collapse in recent memory.

Dmitry Orlov has spent a lot of time thinking about the mechanics of the Russian collapse, and this post links to a slideshow and a long three-part article which compares and contrasts how Russian society actually handled collapse with how American society is likely to experience it. Orlov has also written another three-part article, “Thriving in the Age of Collapse” (Part I, Part II, Part III), which gives advice to three different kinds of people on how to prepare for collapse: yuppies, baby boomers, and high school students.

Finally, here are two articles that give contrasting accounts of how rural Russia handled the collapse. In Our Village, Dmitry Orlov paints a warts-and-all picture of a rural village that was fairly well situation to endure the crisis. And in my previous post I comment on an anonymous account by a man about ten years younger than Orlov, who claims that small towns in Russia did well but villages actually did rather badly.


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