Letting go

On Sunday I decided to unplug from a number of online controversies I have been following. In his sermon one of our pastors mentioned the command to pray for our enemies, and later it occurred to me that although I didn’t consider anyone in these controversies to be my enemy—I had no direct involvement in any of them—I was still prone to take sides in my mind, which makes it difficult for me to have sympathy for those on the opposing side, much less to pray for them.

(By the way, this is exactly the reason I refuse to take any interest in politics. What little weight my vote or my opinion carries is far outweighed in my mind by the spiritual dangers that partisanship poses for me.)

I decided the most effective way for me to do this was to add a free plugin to my browser that allowed me to block access to a list of websites. As I started filling in the list, I was surprised. So far I’ve blocked fifteen websites, representing five different overlapping controversies. I don’t expect that no longer visiting these sites will save me much online time, but it will save me a lot of offline time, time I spent thinking through all the issues raised by the different sides, issues that really have no relevance to my own life.


One thought on “Letting go

  1. May I just say that I think this is very wise? It’s good to recognize one’s own “tempests in a teapot,” and come to terms with one’s limits. I’m not saying this well, but I’m doing a bit of that myself lately–learning where I can actually do something useful with my mind, and where I’m just keeping myself awake at night. I hope your efforts at contentment and genuine compassion, close to home, are bearing fruit.

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