RSS Feed for "Curiosities" sidebar

In case you’re curious, the Curiosities sidebar is produced by this WordPress widget. Whenever I make an addition to my bookmarks, the title and description are added to the sidebar.

Unfortunately, the widget does not provide an elegant way to subscribe to the RSS feed for those bookmarks. So I’ve added a less than elegant but still servicable link that will do the job. If you would like to have the Curiosities entries show up in your RSS reader, just subscribe to this link.

One thought on “RSS Feed for "Curiosities" sidebar

  1. Hi there,

    The reason I am writing to you from deepest rural France is because at the blog I run, Farm Blogs from Around the World (it’s not a business, it’s a hobby) I am trying to gather in one place the very best of global blogging about farms, farming and rural life. It’s a hobby really that follows my global interest in farming.

    You recommended to me by Scott at Homesteader Life and as a result I have already linked you to my blog.

    You can find the blog roll, sorted by country.

    My posts are made up of postings about recommended bloggers, postings about their recommendations from farm bloggers and I also post regular stories about world farming.

    All blogs have been recommended to me by other bloggers or identified by me during my occasional browsing.

    I have a pretty broad definition of farming – if you’re producing food or natural fibre you’re a farmer, to my mind at least.

    So blogs range from ranches to part-time smallholders, and resources for them.

    Once recommended, I add them to the blogroll and then contact the bloggers asking them to send me a few words about their farm/small-holding and their blog and, critically, to recommend their favourite farm/farming blogs.

    And so it goes and grows.

    I would very much appreciate it if you could please consider:

    a) writing to me with your (up to) 5 favourite/best farming/rural blogs recommendations – not currently listed on my blog; particularly any non-American ones from countries not yet represented or under represented, but no matter if they are American only;

    b) send me a brief description of your farm and blog, (specifically your location, your acreage and what stock, crops or natural fibres you raise) as well as permission to use up to 5 photos from your site so I can make a posting about you;

    b) add a link on your website, if that’s possible, to; and if you can find a moment even make a posting about and how this blog is growing organically across the world from other farming bloggers.

    I know this is a drag but a lot of people are finding that my blog is driving traffic to them, so I hope you can find a moment to drop me a line. Very much hoping to hear from you,

    With kind regards,


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