More on practice

The previous post on practice was in some ways an example of the point it was trying to make. All week long I’ve wanted to write several lengthy posts, but I’ve also been struggling with the symptoms of a head cold. So I decided to tackle the topic that I thought would be easiest to write about, and briefest as well. But as I began to write the topic began to take me places I wasn’t planning to go.

Eventually I found myself needing to write some things that I’ve avoided discussing in the past because giving concrete examples would have me writing uncharitable things about other people—or, at least, I wasn’t a clever enough writer to avoid being uncharitable. I almost abandoned the post, but decided instead that this was an instance of exactly my point, that high standards can actually inhibit us from ever reaching them because we are reluctant to take a shot at something when we know the result will be far from adequate.

Taking my own advice, I finished the piece with words and thoughts which were vague and muddy enough to make me cringe, yet still better than what I’ve been able to say on the topic in the past. I went ahead and published it, and for awhile I’ll be thinking about ways I could have done a better job. I’m sure I’ll think of some.


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