An election coming up? Really?

Of course, I can only dream of the day when I’ll be unplugged enough that I can truthfully say those words.  Instead, I sit here eagerly awaiting the relief that will come once the vote is over. It will be over on November 5th, won’t it?

Meanwhile, take comfort from these admirable words written by from Dave Black, a brother with a solid biblical perspective on politics:

What matters is that the Christian should overcome evil by good, not by secular politics. The Gospel transcends feuding ideologies in the present age. To say this won’t make you many friends anywhere. But I need to be about the kingdom, not about any crusading ideology – even that of the Constitution Party.

Of course, one can recognize the relative political correctness of one’s own party affiliation. And at times it might be best to opt out of the political system altogether, exercising our right to engage in the politics of not-doing-politics. The challenge always it to maintain the biblical Gospel in the face of whatever regime or party or political philosophy rules the day and to refrain from placing too much confidence in the glories of human ideologies. […]

My personal opinion is that God can and will accomplish whatever He has in mind for our nation whoever He installs in the White House in January. As Vernard Eller (I think it was) once quipped, our confidence that a pebble from our measly little sling shot of politics will bring down the Goliath of evil is nothing but a silly pipe dream.

And so, my friend, on Nov. 4 vote for whomever you believe is the most qualified – or even the least unqualified – candidate to be president of these United States. But know this: I won’t ask you who you voted for should we ever meet.

I won’t ask you, either.


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