Cottage cheese

The cows are producing well right now; we’re getting from 3 1/2 to 4 gallons of milk per day. And Maggie has taken an interest in cheese making, so much of what we don’t drink is turning into cheese. There’s been a couple of farmhouse cheddars, and the latest was a gouda that just emerged from brining today. Sometimes she makes a ricotta from the whey and then presses and ages that; after a couple of weeks it becomes a dry cheese that we hope will be a workable substitute for parmesan.

Our cheese mold only holds about five pounds of cheese, while she has been getting six or more pounds of curd from four gallons of milk. So what doesn’t fit into the mold she turns into cottage cheese. Now, I’ve always liked cottage cheese, but this stuff is a revelation, almost a cheesy version of peaches and cream made with fresh peaches and real cream. The curd is soft and very mild, and she mixes it with enough cream to keep it moist, then a bit more. Top a bowlful with peaches, or maybe pineapple chunks, and you end up with an insanely rich dessert. Or just eat it straight; it’s satisfying, and good for you.

Such is life with home-grown, homemade food. Even the leftovers are far better than anything we ate back in the day.


One thought on “Cottage cheese

  1. A delicious sounding blessing, indeed! These Arkansans have been enjoying keeping up with your family and current events through your blog, Rick.

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