Ridgewood Boys gospel program

Last month we performed a gospel program at Pisgah Presbyterian Church in Somerset. Our friend Joe LaMay not only arranged for the show but recorded it. The room acoustics were great, and so I asked Joe if I could have a copy of the recording. He gave me one today, and so with only a bit of editing I present, mistakes and all, the Ridgewood Boys live in concert.

Sound check

Forsaken Lover

First set

Cool Down on the Banks of Jordan
Woman at the Well
The Angels Rejoiced
Tramp on the Street
Die Easy
Walking in the King’s Highway
Better Farther On
The Family Who Prays
A Heart That Will Never Break Again
Mansions For Me
Dust on the Bible
Won’t You Come and Sing For Me

Second set

Sweet By and By
House of Gold
I’m Using My Bible For a Roadmap
Troublesome Waters
Prodigal Son
Gospel Plow
Are You Afraid to Die
We’re Living in the Last Days Now
Where the Soul of Man Never Dies
Angel Band
I’ll Fly Away


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