Meritocracy? No, idiocracy

Calvin Trillin once wrote that he had discovered the trigger for the legendary male mid-life crisis: there inevitably comes a day in his mid-forties when a man picks up the paper and reads about the newly appointed Deputy Undersecretary of Important Governmental Stuff, who turns out to be that idiot from his high school class that no-one thought would even graduate. Suddenly realizing that the whole world is likely being run by equally stupid people, he figures he might as well divorce his wife and go buy himself a fast car.

Given the quantity of journalism that is committed on a regular basis in this country, you would figure that the relatively few journalists that have risen to the top of the heap would be the sharpest, the brightest, the best informed, the most objective, maybe even the wisest. You would be wrong, and every year the Media Research Center reminds us exactly how foolish we are to trust these folks by reprinting the most foolish things journalists said in the past twelve months.


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