Ridgewood Boys in Cincinnati, May 9-10

The first time Ginny Hawker and Tracy Schwarz asked us to back them up, we were ecstatic. They are both major heroes to us, and so it was an honor for them to help them out, as well as a major compliment to us that they were willing to have us do it. That was last year in February, when we helped them with a couple of songs during a program they were part of in Morehead, Ky.

Since then we’ve appeared with them twice, for a few songs at the Appalachian Festival in Cincinnati and for two full sets at the Gathering in the Gap festival in Big Stone Gap, Va. We almost got to do it again at the upcoming Appalshop Seedtime festival, but Appalshop asked if they could get Kay Justice to come for a reunion concert; she agreed, and so we’ll be in the audience for that one in June (and very happy about it, since we never saw them perform in the day).

Just a few weeks ago Ginny wrote to ask if we were available to help them with a couple of performances at the Appalachian Festival in Cincinnati this year. Of course we would have moved heaven and earth to make ourselves available, but it turned out not to be necessary. So we will be appearing with them there, once on Saturday evening and once on Sunday afternoon. Ginny also leads a gospel singing there on Sunday morning, and we’ll be there just like we were last year.


One thought on “Ridgewood Boys in Cincinnati, May 9-10

  1. Rick, Congratulations to you and Chris. Too bad it is the wrong direction for us! If you haven’t been to the Creation Museum yet, it might be worth some of your free time, if you have any that weekend.

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