New website

Today I’d like to publicly announce the existence of a community website I’ve been working on for awhile, currently called A Simpler Life. The purpose of the website is to provide help and encouragement to beginning homesteaders, by building up a body of reference material that focuses on aiding them in dealing with unfamiliar situations and activities, and by providing a context where beginning homesteaders can help one another by sharing accounts of their own experiences.

The website requires registration, but for now registration is free and will likely stay free for a good while. There is a good chance that there will eventually be a subscription fee, but that is not certain. The work needed to build and maintain the website is enough that I probably can’t continue to do it for free. But it may turn out that there are other ways to generate the funds needed to do it.

In the meantime, please be aware that there could well come a time where the website disappears behind a paid firewall. If that happens, I plan to provide a freely accessible snapshot of the website as it existed at that point, so that the content which was added by me and by members during the free period will continue to be available to anyone.

The Simpler Life website is an experiment. Right now it is not anything I would charge folks money to use, and I may never be able to get it to that point. But I do think that, even with all the information currently available on the internet that can be useful to homesteaders, little of it is aimed specifically at the beginner. Yet the beginner could benefit greatly from the kind of unvarnished, nuts-and-bolts storytelling that the internet is so good at delivering, if only that information were gathered together in some usable fashion.

So the goal of the Simpler Life experiment is not to create an income stream for me, but to see if such a website can grow, thrive, and be a blessing to beginning homesteaders. If it can do that without a paid administrator, so much the better. If it requires the participation of a paid administrator to thrive, well, we can talk about that when the matter becomes urgent. Meanwhile, I hope you will consider signing up and taking a look around.


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