New Gene Logsdon book

Well, actually a fairly old Gene Logsdon book, finally back in print. We’re pleased to report that Small Scale Grain Raising is once again available, and that you can get a copy from Cumberland Books if you like. This book is just about the only source of information for how to grow grain for the homestead (Carla Emery’s Encyclopedia of Country Living also has some helpful stuff on this).


Please take a look at the catalog description.


3 thoughts on “New Gene Logsdon book

  1. I’m glad to see this book back in print. When I heard several months ago that a reprint was in the works, I sold my used hardback copy at for over $100. It sold within a couple days of listing it. The book is full of valuable information and I’ll be repurchasing one of the new copies from you one day soon.

  2. I paid $3.00 for my copy in an antique mall in west virginia about 6 years ago. When I found out what it was worth, I wrapped in in mylar.

    This is indeed a homestead must read.

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