Music of Coal in Chattanooga

It was a very good weekend for us musically. On Saturday Chris and I represented the Music of Coal band at the Coke Ovens Bluegrass Festival in Dunlap, about thirty miles from Chattanooga. It was arranged at the last minute, and only the two of us could make it, but the crowd liked us and so did the festival organizers. There’s a good chance they’ll ask us back next year.

And on Sunday we played twice in Chattanooga, once at the Tennessee Aquarium on behalf of the library, and later at the Riverbend Festival, a ten-day extravaganza that the city has staged for the past thirty years.

The pictures below are from Riverbend. Despite our expressions, we weren’t bored at all. But obviously we’re still learning how to carry ourselves on stage so that we don’t look bored.

Chris-Saenz-Riverbend  Fest 091

 -Rick Saenz-Riverbend Festival

Music of Coal Riverbend Fest 09


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