One of my favorite novelty songs is Powerhouse by Raymond Scott. Most people have no idea that it was burned into their brains as children, courtesy of Carl Stalling, who put together the musical scores for Warner Brothers cartoons such as Baby Bottleneck (starting at the 3:00 minute mark, running for about 1 minute, showing up again at 5:45).

Here’s a video (not embeddable, for some reason; click the link) of Raymond Scott and his group playing the song on Your Hit Parade, complete with a very annoying light show.

There are many other versions of the song on YouTube. This one is done at a Raymond Scott tribute performance, and is pretty good (I like the tap dancer at the end).

This one from the Manhattan School of Music has great instrumentation. Bassoon? Bass clarinet?

But surely the most imaginative of all is this one by the Philharmonicas, a harmonica sextet.


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