Essential luggage

I might like one of these, if I ever traveled without my own vehicle (we stack our books on the dashboard or in a canvas bag tossed in the back). Playwright Tom Stoppard travels a lot in other people’s vehicles. Full story here.


4 thoughts on “Essential luggage

  1. That’s really cool. I might make me something like that. Also might be good to store really valuable books, to protect them from dust, etc. I have a large library of non fiction books. Used book stores are really a dangerous place for me to go. Like a obsessive gambler showing up at a casino. But I love books, particularly the older ones. Before the age of color photography, many books had wonderful illustrations. Old gardening books, and natural history books especially. Do you have a large collection of how-to books, Mr Saenz? I know you publish them in your catalog. Some of the how-to books from before 1960 have wonderful projects in them. Eric Sloanes books are national treasures, as far as I’m concerned.

  2. Mark,

    Do you have a large collection of how-to books?

    We own a fair number, partly because we will buy five or six on a particular topic before deciding which one to carry in the bookstore, and partly because there is a lot around here that needs doing which we can only learn about through books.

    Lately we’ve had good success buying used copies of older how-to books online; libraries seem to be discarding them at a fierce rate. It gives me a lot of pleasure to pick up a book that currently lists cost $30-40 but costs me a dollar or two plus a few dollars shipping.

    Our overall collection of books is shrinking a bit, though. I’m less inclined now to keep books I’m not likely to read again (or in some cases ever read for the first time).

  3. That looks pretty heavy – I’m trying ebooks in my handheld to remedy the traveling situation, but so far it’s just not the same as a good ‘ol print copy…

  4. Looks like Tom is reading Jeremy Scahill’s Blackwater (far left of box in photo). An excellent expose of unaccountable private contractors’ exploits in the Iraq war. Maybe Stoppard will write a play about this!

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