A picture of the Father’s love

Take a look at this video that I found in a post on the Internet Monk’s weblog. Spencer’s observation is the sort that keeps me reading there. As he says, the video shows “a wonderful picture of the Father’s grace toward us. If you have been told that God is not like this, remember that in Jesus he is more like this than you could ever imagine.”

I was not as astonished at this as some people will be, because I don’t follow baseball and don’t really feel the affection for a caught ball that the man in the video clearly does.

But I do have children, and I can surely know that my love and concern for my own daughter would quickly and completely overwhelm my own reaction to her doing something similar. So, together, with Spencer’s comment, this video really did give me a deeper appreciation for what God has done for us, and continues to do for us every moment of every day,

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