Country electric guitar

Chris is trying to learn the basics of country electric guitar, so this evening he and I spent some time perusing online video lessons: chicken picking, steel guitar licks, country thirds, and the rest. Right now he is using an electric borrowed from Ron Short, along with headphones and a practice CD player that happens to have some useful guitar effects built in. This is until the small amp he ordered arrives early next week. The idea is mostly to expand his skill set, but there is also a chance that he might play some electric guitar during Possum Playboy sets.

As memories flood back, I realize that I know a lot more about country guitar than I thought I did, and it’s been fun to search up some of the classic recordings and play them for Chris. For example, this YouTube video of the first song I ever appreciated for its country guitar sound, Emmylou Harris’s "Luxury Liner," with the phenomenal Albert Lee on lead. The video performance is pure bliss, with Lee playing two breaks on his gorgeous blonde Telecaster, a twenty-second one beginning at the 1:00 mark, and then a two minute long break beginning at 2:10 that ends the song.

3 thoughts on “Country electric guitar

  1. Thanks for posting that Rick – I hate to admit but the only Emmylou materials I am familiar with are the ones she did with Mark Knopfler.

    I appreciate your musical and reading musings much.

    best regards,


  2. Doug,

    I think Emmylou Harris is far more important as a pioneer and an influence than as a musician. You can like her music or not, but in her day she took country rock forward by leaps and bounds, employing stellar musicians and creating songs and arrangements that had broad crossover appeal.

    Lately she has been filling the role of elder statesman, and a fairly humble one. In one interview I read she said she hoped to be remembered for once playing rhythm guitar in a band with Albert Lee.

    And speaking of Albert Lee, here’s another great video I stumbled upon with him, doing the old Asleep at the Wheel song “My Baby Thinks She’s a Train.” Very unusual, sung by Nicole Yarling at a leisurely tempo, just great. Also starts with one of my favorite lines of all times, “It’s 3am in the morning …”

  3. When I first watched this video, my honest first thought was, ” love the guys hair”. Sorta. Forgive me, I loved the guitar also! :)

    And the video you just posted was amazing! Now I’m going to have to get Dad to help me find a version…

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