New Amazon feature

Amazon never ceases to amaze me, not so much because of their ability to push the technology (which is pretty amazing) but because of their unerring sense of what else their customers might want to do. While looking through the website today I stumbled across this feature, which I think is brand new:

Get online access to your physical books with Amazon Upgrade:

  • Start reading the book online while you wait for your physical copy to arrive
  • Add highlights, bookmarks, notes, or tags to any page or section of text
  • Print pages, and even copy and paste text from the book
  • Read your book from any Internet-connected computer, meaning your book is always with you

Purchasing online access to your books is easy. After buying an eligible physical book, we’ll give you the option to purchase access with Amazon Upgrade.

Using the Amazon Online Reader, you have permanent access to view and search the full text of your books. You can easily highlight and bookmark your books, as well as add notes and tags.

The Amazon Online Reader will even let you print pages and copy text. Finally, you can access the Amazon Online Reader from any computer with an Internet connection. If you can access a computer, you can access your books. Still want to learn more? View the Frequently Asked Questions or read the Terms and Conditions.

Even more impressive, Amazon knows which books I’ve bought in the past are eligible (two of them bought in 1998), and will allow those to be upgraded as well.


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