Dentists in pain?

More intriguing anecdotes from Mish’s commenters; ‘tis the season, I guess. Lori in NC writes:

A friend of mine went to visit her doctor in Charlotte, the only person working was the dentist … from to start to finish, he did it all. He’d had to layoff all of his staff to keep things going. 

Another … my husband’s college roommate is an orthodontist in Greensboro, NC and has his wife working in the office. He’s at a point now where he may have to layoff his own wife.

To which James Cole replied:

Many of us have no dental insurance even though we have very generous employers. Dental insurance can ruin a company faster than Chinese competition. I expect to see dentists hurting, the days of easy money are over.

By the way, when I was a kid, our family dentist had no staff other than his wife who did it all from assisting at the chair to, billing, to reception. Only one patient at a time and one chair. But he filled a cavity for $7.50.

Awhile back we took six year old Jerry to the dentist and asked him to look at some cavities in his baby teeth. We wanted to know whether there was any reason to have them filled, since he would lose them eventually. Unfortunately, there was no way we could trust the answer, since quickly enough they were talking to us about EZ payment plans. We were left wondering.


3 thoughts on “Dentists in pain?

  1. A “let’s just watch it” approach from the first dentist we took our first kid to resulted in a cavity that went from bad to worse pretty quickly, requiring a molar extraction at age four. Really just an awful experience in lots of ways.

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