Our farm is for sale

We moved to this farm almost five years ago, and while we’ve been here we’ve learned two important things: (1) Simple rural living has been a great blessing to us; as a family we’re healthier and happier than ever, and eager to continue in this direction. (2) Of the many different ideas we’ve had for generating the income we need to continue, none of them are suitable for this sparsely populated, relatively poor area of the region. So far our savings have served to bridge the gap, but we now need to acknowledge that we haven’t managed to build a family economy here, and that to do so we will need to relocate.

No decisions have been reached yet about exactly where we’re headed. We have no desire to leave the region, and fortunately there are several large cities no more than a few hours from here, most of which have suitably rural and inexpensive properties less than thirty minutes drive from their centers. We’re hoping for a place with a home big enough to hold the nine of us, enough land to raise a large garden and keep a family cow, and a location in the country that is a short and easy drive from town. Obviously for that to happen God will have to step in. Meanwhile, since we don’t expect our current place to sell quickly we are doing our best to keep our expectations broad and flexible.

This is not a sudden decision for us. The past five years have been very much a learning experience, as we explored what were for us new ways of living. Some efforts were successful, some not so much, but all of them shaped our thinking in important ways. Clearly the decision was preceded by a long stretch of reflection, and now that we’ve decided I will take the opportunity to write at length in future posts about where we’ve been and where we think we’re headed.

If you’re curious, you can find the realtor listing for our place here. I’ve also put up a tour of the inside of the house here, and as soon as the sun comes out again I’ll accompany it with a tour of the property.


6 thoughts on “Our farm is for sale

  1. Rick,

    I can imagine that this was a difficult decision to make. I look forward to reading your future posts about where you’ve been and where you think you are headed.

    I wish you and your family all the best.

  2. I am sorry to read this but it is understandable. I often struggle with these issues, too, and people not hiring in the kinds of workplace settings where I have worked before (some within an hour’s drive). It’s a big adjustment here and it is certainly more rural than from where we came from in New England.

    Good luck with all of your relocation. It’s never easy.


  3. We’ll be praying for the sale of your home and for the Lord’s direction in a new place to settle. Interesting that our family is also relocating, and that both of our families relocated near the same time five years ago. :o) We do plan to make it out your way on our tour this spring/summer. We’ll be performing at the Creation Museum in Kentucky, hopefully we can have the chance to connect while we’re back there. It would be fun to jam together.


    The Wintons

  4. You have been on quite an adventure since we met you on our trip to Colorado. Our prayers will be with you and hopefully we will get together again some day.

    The Duquette’s

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