Elmo Stoll

I’ve mentioned Elmo Stoll once before on this weblog. And I remember being helped in my understanding of community by an article he wrote. Today I ran across a three-part blog posting by Ira Wagler which is an extensive recounting of Stoll’s life and work. I can’t recommend this piece highly enough to anyone interested in the possibilities and pitfalls of Christian community. Note, though, that it is very long. I suggest that you cut and past it into something like Microsoft Word; when I did that, the document ended up thirty pages long. But it is some of the most riveting writing I’ve read in a long time.

The Shepherd at Dawn: The Early Years

The Shepherd at Noon: Empire and Exodus

The Shepherd at Dusk: His Vision and Legacy


One thought on “Elmo Stoll

  1. It was with interest, memories and some sorrow I read your articles about Elmo Stoll. I met him and Lisbet and the family in Aylmer in 1988; a difficult time in my life, one where my long time interest in the Amish led me to the Pioneer PLace catalogue at the local linbrary,a nd resulting correspondence which issued an invitation to come to the Stoll home in Aylmer. I did, my young daughter in tow. She loved it there…we visited a few times; attended church, stayed overnight at “Aunt Polly’s”…a time of growth and seeking. I subscribed to all the Family Life pblications…enjoyedE Elmo’s columns, and yes, David Luthy’s and David Wagler’s writings, too.

    I found Elmo intense yes, but a good listener, thoughtful questioner, who also took seriously my questions – the English young woman with a toddler girl, abandoned by a husband, life at crossroads and questioning.

    I recall a vist where I noticed Elmo and sons growing moustaches…and heard a little of what was going on…received letter from Lisbet about the move to Cookeville…and recall her asking about how I was, how my dauighttrer was, how we were coping. She was exceptionally kind. My daughter so enjoyed their Christine. I also recall meeting Elmo’s brother, Joseph.

    I have just returned from a church mission trip to Tennessee, doing post-flood repair work. That trip reminded me of Elmo…and so, on a computer search, found your blog. Over the years I have wondered how the Christian Community was going; I had heard from LIsbet about Elmo’s death. I was very sad, and wondered if the CC would survive.

    Thanks to your writing, I now have a much fuller picture; and deeper understanding of the wider issues. I am grateful for that; and grateful for the ways Elmo, his family, and the visits to Aylmer have enriched my own life and faith in the Lord.

    I have wondered how Elmo’s family are doing…especially Lisbet and Christine…

    Thank you for all this; God bless you!

    Christine, Ontario, Canada

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