Talent contest entry

With the help of our friend Kevin Amburgey on mandolin, Chris and I recorded a song that we hope to submit for a talent contest which is billed as a Battle of the Bands, where a “band” has at least three members and the music is designed to get people up and dancing.

It’s a bit outside our normal kind of performing, but we had a few songs we thought would make good dance tunes, and after running through them with Kevin we settled on this one. We recorded it this afternoon in one take, in Kevin’s living room.

Does it make you want to dance?


4 thoughts on “Talent contest entry

  1. Most definitely! Good work. And I can appreciate the effort that must have gone into the recording, especially since we’re now trying to do some of this sort of thing ourselves.

    I rather like the idea for the contest, because it naturally fosters audience participation.

  2. Laura,

    You’re right, quite a bit of effort went into creating that particular recording. And yet, the actual production of it was very quick.

    We arrived at Kevin’s house, unloaded and unpacked our instruments, set up our handheld recorder on a microphone stand in his living room, and recorded the song in one take. We shut off the recorder roughly ten minutes after arriving.

    Kevin took the recording, spent another ten minutes adjusting it in his studio, then saved it to a CD and handed it to me. I brought it home, loaded it into my own audio editing program, made a couple of small changes that took five minutes, then saved the result as an mp3 file and uploaded it to the website. That is what you heard.

    But that description leaves so much of the work unaccounted for. We found that song a few years ago, and thought that with a few adjustments it would make a good song for us. We’ve played it regularly for two years; it has become a showcase piece.

    Even so, what you hear isn’t the song we’ve been playing; the new version is much faster, with a mandolin chop added. I can’t specifically list the things I’ve learned over the years that enabled me to recognize, after deciding I needed a dance tune, that this particular song would be a good one if we speeded it up and added the mandolin.

    Anyway, over the years it’s become a goal of ours to do as much of the work as possible in the preparation stage. Many people do recordings differently, expecting to solve most or all the problems in the studio. Our goal is to do the song in one take. Problems inevitably crop up that prevent us from achieving that goal every time, but not many and not always.

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