New weblog, sort of

At the encouragement of a musician friend, I have created a new weblog and copied over all the music-related posts that I’ve made in the past eight years, both here and on the Simpler Living website. Although I won’t delete those posts from their original locations, I think that all future posts about music will be made only there.

Looking over those nearly 500 posts, I realize that they constitute an as-it-happens account of two musicians trying to establish themselves as performers, an unusual resource that might be valuable to others who are banging around on the lower rungs of the music business. I think it is good to separate them from the others, so as not to burden readers who are interested only in that part of our adventure, and those who are not interested at all.

If you are interested, please keep up with the latest news by checking the Ridgewood Chronicles, or subscribing to its RSS feed.


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