Ten years ago

Today is roughly the tenth anniversary of this weblog. The posts from then are long gone; I’ve moved the weblog from platform to platform over the years, and because of that I’m surprised the archives go back as far as they do. But I do recall that it was the end of March 2000, since we were packing up the Austin house for our move to Colorado, and I had just bought a digital camera because I was amazed at the vividness of the digital pictures I was seeing on these weblog things I had recently discovered, and I’m pretty sure the first post I made contained pictures of stacks and stacks of packed boxes. For the name of the blog I used our street address, which Debbie quickly enough pointed out wasn’t one of my better ideas, so I remembered that the dry creek that crossed through our new property was called Dry Creek, and decided that was good enough.

Back then I didn’t have a clear idea what my reason for blogging would be, and my focus has shifted over the years, but the reason which emerged has stayed pretty steady—to improve my thinking, a process I’ve never been able to separate from writing. Too many times I’ve thought I knew something, only to have it evaporate on me when I tried to set it down in words. And often enough I’ve learned important things in the course of setting down my thoughts, as the gaps become apparent and I’m forced to adjust or elaborate my arguments in order to come up with something coherent.

Most important, I’m grateful for the opportunity to do my thinking in public. Just knowing that someone might read what I write has kept me from writing many a foolish thing, has pushed me to be clear and direct, and has in particular challenged me to marshall evidence and examples that support whatever I claim. To those of you who have watched over my shoulder as I’ve wrestled different ideas to the ground, I appreciate your attention more than you can know. Thanks.


10 thoughts on “Ten years ago

  1. Happy Birthday, roughly.

    Ten years is a long time. I enjoy reading about your insights and perspective on many different topics.

    Your blog was one of the first I ever read and, in so doing, it was an encouragement to me to start blogging myself.

    It has been about five years for me.

    Time flies.

  2. As I recall, that blog was on editthispage.com, and was called “The View from Dry Creek”. I was inspired to create a short-lived blog there as well, which I called “The View from the Foothills”, which name has stuck through hand-coded, Movable Type, and WordPress versions.

  3. I appreciate the time you put into this. When I sit down to write I find it very hard work and I usually give up. Our move to TN has been delayed. My wife has a condition we need to keep an eye on (she is 21 weeks pregnant). When I look at the schedule and timing of things our move will likely be delayed until next year. While we are quite disappointed, we can more fully enjoy the good life right where we are at with many thanks to your efforts.

  4. Happy anniversary, Rick.

    I printed out your Simple Living posts quite some time ago. I consider a yearly re-reading of them to be a very profitable use of my time.

    Thank you for taking time to work out your thoughts through the keyboard and for sharing them through the Internet.

  5. I’ve had my thinking about various topics challenged here more times than I can count, both directly by your writing and indirectly through reading a bunch of books that you’ve mentioned and other books that followed from those. You’ve nudged me in some good directions over the past ten years or so, and I’m grateful.

  6. I would love to share the story of how I found you here and the help along the journey of the pursuit of Truth that you have provided me with, but alas my six children call. The insights you’ve shared, and the books you have collected at Cumberland Books have changed the direction of our family and we will be eternally grateful. May God bless your family richly and may we sit near you at the great banquet table!

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