Working a local craft show

0905 Sesquicentennial 6

Maggie spend the weekend (Fri-Sun) working a booth at the Edmonton-Metcalfe County Sesquicentennial Celebration, selling homemade bread, soap, recycled yarn, aprons, and other things she’s made. The picture above appeared on the front page of the local Sunday paper.


4 thoughts on “Working a local craft show

  1. Totally unfair. How are any of the other venders going to compete with a smile like that!? I’d buy from her, just to get smiled at like that. Brighten my whole day, it would!

  2. CZ admired the sheer production involved in Maggie’s sales booth. She immediately wanted to see the photo of your kitchen, and mentally went through the logistics of how someone could make that much bread at one time–never minds the soap and yarn! But, being a teenage girl, her first comment was, “Cute dress!” ;-)

  3. Laura,

    Tell CZ that it was a real production, with four loaves going through the oven every 25 minutes the day before the show. At any given moment there were sixteen loaves in process: four in the grinder, four in the mixer (kneading), four rising in the pans, and four in the oven.

    She made 52 loaves in one day, not knowing how many would sell. Half of them did, which was fine with us–the other half went into the freezer, and so we’ll have homemade bread around for many weeks.

    The soaps and yarn had been in production for weeks before the show, of course.

    Maggie patterned the dress after the one that Molly Gibson wears in the BBC production of Wives and Daughters, just from studying the DVD. The bonnet was purchased at the Jane Austen festival in Louisville.

  4. Thanks for these details, Rick. Very interesting! (I confess I was wondering about the bonnet.) And isn’t it a nice thing that bread freezes well?

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