Sharing the journey

The tag line on this blog, "Letters to scattered family and friends," is stolen from Elizabeth O’Connor’s book Letters to Scattered Pilgrims, a collection of letters she wrote to folks somehow connected to Church of the Savior in Washington DC but at the time scattered across the world. I imagine she had pangs about these folks not being with her.

I feel the same way when I think of my own scattered friends—why don’t we get to hang out with them more? Isn’t sweet fellowship where it’s at?

But then (at least on my good days) I remember that the reason is exactly that: we’d be hanging out with our like-minded friends, instead of with the folks who need us to hang out with them. And then I’m thankful for what contact we have, and the accounts we share of our respective journeys. Plenty of time for hanging out on the other side of Jordan.


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