Hot Corn Cold Corn

This old chesnut was revived by Flatt & Scruggs in the late 50s, and it was a great choice. Everyone loves it, particularly the kids. It’s a jam favorite because it has only two chords but also an easily learned bit of weirdness at the end of the verse/chorus (“Yes, sir” has an unexpected extra measure).

We’ve played this for eight years now, and it has evolved. I especially like the swingy feel Chris now gets on his guitar breaks.


2 thoughts on “Hot Corn Cold Corn

  1. Rick,

    How are you recording these songs? About 4 years ago you recommended the Zoom H2 digital recorder. Is that still being used in any capacity?

  2. Jay,

    We still use the Zoom H2 pretty often. It is quick to set up, and as long as the room sounds OK you can get a pretty good recording—not studio quality, but the tradeoff in time and effort is well worth it to us.

    However, this latest batch of songs was done at the Kentucky Coffeetree Cafe. Walt always records our performances, and last week I asked him for the files just to hear how we’re sounding these days. And I liked the sound so much that I started posting them.

    Note that the sound is not what I would have gone for in a studio. When we perform at the Coffeetree we sing on a single condenser mic, Chris’s guitar is plugged in to the soundboard, and I have a dynamic mic stuffed into the tailpiece of my bass.

    I have tracks for all three, but I decided that I liked the sound from the condenser mic alone just fine, especially the in-your-face presence of the vocals. The one thing I would change is to “turn down” Chris’s vocal a bit, since he is much louder than me—but then again my voice cuts through more than his. Tomorrow I’ll ask him to back off the mic a bit, and see if that gives us a better balance.

    The only reason I’m using Coffeetree tracks is that it saves us the time of setting up and doing a separate recording.

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